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How is Crohn's Disease diagnosed?

There is no single test that will unequivocally diagnose Crohn's disease. To determine the diagnosis, physicians consider a combination of information from the patient's history and physical exam. They examine the results of laboratory tests, X-rays, and findings on endoscopy and pathology tests, and exclude other known causes of intestinal inflammation. X-ray tests may include barium X-rays of the upper and Free Accutane Case Evaluation lower GI tract. Endoscopy tests may include flexible sigmoidoscopy and, sometimes, colonoscopy, which allow the doctor to directly examine the colon with a lighted tube that is inserted through the anus. During these tests, biopsies may be obtained. It is important to make sure that an infection is not causing the patient's symptoms, so examination of the stool for harmful organisms is done routinely. Because Crohn's disease often mimics other conditions and symptoms may vary widely, the correct diagnosis may take some time.

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How is Crohn's Disease diagnosed?
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Free Accutane Case Evaluation *Crohn's Disease is often misspelled "Chrohns Disease" , "Crohns Disease" or "Crones Disease"
*Ulcerative Colitis (Colitus ulcerosa, UC) is often misspelled "Ulcerative Colitus"
*Accutane is often misspelled "Accutaine" or "Acutane"; Claravis is often misspelled "Clavaris"; Sotret is often misspelled "Sortret"


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